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Small American style is a branch of modern American style. Generally speaking, the house type with relatively small area is not suitable for the presentation of American furniture atmosphere

small American style is a branch of modern American style. Generally speaking, house types with relatively small area are not suitable for the presentation of American furniture atmosphere. Therefore, the decoration style, furniture and accessories designed by people who like American style for small house types are usually called small American style

small American furniture is different from the wide pure American furniture. It is aimed at the style of small space home. Its mixing function completely removes the space restrictions, so that consumers who choose small family can also experience pure American life. Nowadays, due to the limitation of space, more and more young people like and choose small American style

small American style, which basically continues the characteristics of modern American style in furniture and accessories, is simple, natural and personalized. Furniture and accessories are a reduced version of the traditional American style, but solid wood furniture is still used, reducing carvings, arcs and other decorations, and adopting a straight-line, solid color, rough style, which can better reflect personalization and avoid stereotyped situations

mustard wood furniture: small American style

small American style comes from modern American style. It is a reduced version of American style, and even mixes and matches various styles to reflect personalized decoration style. In the contemporary society of personality publicity, people tend to pursue personalization in consumption and do not blindly imitate others. In everything, according to personal preferences, "I like" is the most important principle

the decoration is simple, that is, what is usually called "heavy decoration, light decoration". Small American furniture and accessories account for the most important part of the whole decoration, which should not only continue the American style, but also reflect personalization. Therefore, the hard decoration part should be as simple as possible, reducing wallpaper, parapet and so on. The ceiling is also very common. No matter the wall surface, floor, doors and windows, most of them are light colors, and the focus is on the later furniture and jewelry collocation

the pure American style is shown in the above figure: it is obviously different from Xiaomei

here, the muster wood decoration consultant has to say, "Xiaomei" is not "small", but it is really "beautiful"

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