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Shandong fuyiheng packaging products Co., Ltd. wants to transfer multiple production equipment such as Fuli single-sided corrugated machine and Wenhong paper mounting machine at a low price. Most of them are 80% new and the supporting equipment is basically complete. The opportunity is not lost. If you are interested, please contact the manager of Zhongzhi Miao. Many medical equipment manufacturers are also working overtime

1. One semi-automatic polishing machine

equipment letter 21. Automatic parking at fixed time, deformation and load: the manufacturer is Ryan Garrett, purchased in December 2013, with a specification of 1200, 60m/min

2. One single-sided corrugating machine

equipment information: the manufacturer is Foshan Nanhai Fuli, and the specification is 1800

supporting equipment: supporting Jiayou cross cutting unit purchased in 2010, and one set of tungsten carbide E-roll for standby repair

3. One paper mounting machine

equipment information: the manufacturer is Wenhong printing machinery, which was purchased in 2014

4. One set of five color watermark machine

equipment information: the manufacturer is Xingyu machinery, the specification is 910 * 1800, including a separate group of glazing, without round mold and slotting


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